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          Since 2002, we have been active in job placement as a recruitment agency and management consultant and have successfully supported numerous employees in their job search throughout Germany, in the EU and in Eastern European countries.

          We are also in contact with potential employers in the field of temporary employment and the provision of temporary workers. We see ourselves as a service provider and are always up to date with the latest job market. This means that we constantly keep an eye on vacancies, both for employees and employers, so that we can attend to their wishes.

          We maintain an up-to-date, free applicant database, which makes it easier for potential employers to find the right employee and in which you can place a corresponding job advertisement. All job seekers can view the job advertisements on offer and by simply searching for a job, the desire to work in the 1st job market is made tangible.

          Applicant profiles and all job offers are updated daily.

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